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Founded in 1975, and being the first listedelectronics company in Taiwan, LITEON is a world-leading provider inoptoelectronic components and key electronic modules. In recent years, with itsactively deployment in the fields of cloud computing, automotive electronics,5G, AIoT, optoelectronics, etc., cultivation of smart industries, coupled withdevelopment of new business opportunities and products required for smart lifeand smart cities, LITEON continues to use its professionalism, rich industrialexperience, high-quality products and services, and global operations bases,and become the preferred best partner of global customers for developinginnovation and application of smart technology.

For over four decades, LITEON produces products thatare used in a broad range of applications, such as cloud computing, automotiveelectronics, optoelectronics, LED/lighting, smart healthcare, computers,communications, industry and consumer electronics while concentrating onestablishing a competitive advantage in mass production to maximize the returnsfrom a diverse product portfolio to realize profitable growths through resourceintegration and management; LITEON’s main business strategy focuses onincreasing resource utilization, automation, production optimization, andstreamlined processes for better productivity and efficiency; in the long-term,the focus is on realizing profitability, maintaining stable operations as wellas enhancing the return of shareholders’ equity to take root in the sustainableoperation of a century-old enterprise.