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Manufacturer's Name: AMPAK

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Smart Internet of Things, Wireless RF Module,Professional Brand

AMPAK is a company with over 20 years ofexperience in wireless module R&D, design, production, marketing andproduct technology integration services.

We have a team of professionalhigh-frequency module hardware design and software integration engineers withrich experience in customer applications, and can provide a series of SiP andindustrial standard modules to serve worldwide regions in response to customerand market-oriented product and technical support needs. AMPAK provides completesolutions for consumer and industrial customers who want to apply theirproducts in smart home, security, Internet of Things, remote office orindustrial automation, smart healthcare, smart transportation and other servicesystems. With a proactive service attitude, we are able to satisfy a wide rangeof customers from economical and practical products to industrial standardhigh-end products, and to exceed customer expectations.

AMPAK's philosophy is to serve ourcustomers, shareholders and society in a sustainable manner. We promotecomprehensive quality improvement and a green environment management system,implement energy conservation, waste reduction and other measures. In additionto ISO9001, we implemented the hazardous substance management, complying withEU RoHS, REACH and Halogen Free to establish the AMPAK Hazardous SubstancesControl Label (HSF) to prohibit or control hazardous substances, advocatinggreen design from product development, process design, material and equipmentselection to production and manufacturing, all emphasizing the concept ofenvironmental protection and following environmental management systemregulations. The company is committed to maintaining quality green energyproducts and caring for the natural ecological environment.