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Manufacturer's Name:uPISEMI

Main Products:MOS、LEO,IC

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uPISemiconductor Corp., founded in 2005, is an IC design house designs andmanufactures analog and mixed-signal power management solutions in electronicsystems.

uPIGroup is later associated in 2008, when UBIQ Semiconductor Corp. was foundedfor Power MOSFET and TVS solutions. Utilizing semiconductor designs and systemapplication know-how, uPI Group positioned itself as a solution provider forhybrid and high power density semiconductor products in computing, gaming, andmobility markets, as well as proprietary solutions in automotive and industrialapplications.

Ourvision is to offer customers the total power management solutions of superiorquality, performance, service, and cost. With more than 20 years of analogpower and discrete device experiences, we offer high performance designservices with full technology coverage and process development capability.Excellent wafer processing and deep packaging know-hows come standard byworking closely with strategic foundries and assembly & testing partners.